From Mortals to gods

Created by Crow Brain Games

‘From Mortals to gods’ is an independently developed Turn-based Strategy Wargame. It plays similarly to a Real-time Strategy Video Game while maintaining the look and feel of the classic Tabletop Genre.

Pick a unique Commander to play as your avatar, the leader of your army, and together use your will and focus to amass an unstoppable force. You will summon Buildings out of the veil and use them to Produce Resources, which will be spent on creating Units that you will use to expand your army. Develop your own style of battling and create custom armies in order to explore intricately strategic Maps in either solo, coop, pvp, or tournament style gameplay.


Before the dawning of the first age, the world is formless, placeless, timeless. Scattered fragments of countless dimensions swirl rudderless in the endless vale. Its name was unknown but its history goes back long before the coming of the first gods. It was created when all things were still bound together by beings far beyond mortal comprehension. These beings were the Bard, the Artist, and the Architect. Will and focus, an ancient knowledge of these first beings, provide a guiding light that can draw these fragments into the material. However, within eternity and infinite possibility, conflict existed between them resulting in the shattering of this world, scattering fragments of many different lands that now comprise the Endless Vale

Now an age of commanders wielding the learned knowledge of the gods' begins, bringing about a struggle for power over the worlds being formed. Amongst the chaos, a large island sits at the center of a sea of stars, smaller islands floating about it within the veil like bubbles in water. In some places the surface is covered by dense forests or tall mountains, while others are lush green fields or sparkling lakes. This land is Sejorhn, and you emerge on its shores as one of these commanders who are seeking to progress on the path from Mortals to gods by overcoming anyone else that possesses this ancient knowledge.


As you and your Commander gain Experience in your own unique way on the battlefield, you will grow to become stronger; discovering new abilities along the way. Empower your Commander and lead them to victory, destroying all those who would compete for your place as god. Your army consists of Buildings, Knowledge, and Units. Your Units can include Troops, Structures, Vehicles, Titans, and always a Commander.

As your units explore the land they will Build new Buildings which will give them access to knew resources, units, and structures that will help them defend their lands and attack the enemy in new ways. Enemies can be other players or NPC Lair units and the game can be played solo against only NPC Lair units.

As you and your army level up, you will be able to injure other Commanders, destroying them, and securing your place as god over the realm. Manage your resources wisely and you may be able to summon a Titan that has special abilities and properties that will give you an extra edge in battle.

Be the last Commander standing or the first to become god in this highly strategic civilization managing board game.