Get to know our team

The Lore

Crow Brain Games was founded in 2017 by a group of game designers and crows who shared a love of tabletop games and a passion for creating unique and nerdy entertainment. Since then, we've been on a mission to challenge your intellect and tickle your funny bone with our innovative games. The road has been rough - with obstacles like having the public playtest of our original boardgame scheduled for the very day our state initiated covid lockdown - however, we have persevered on through and taken the time to improve our skills, study the industry, and refocus our approach on publishing more games. Now we are ready to get our games onto your tables and whisk your brain away to our worlds on the wings of our Crow Brain games.

Our People & culture

Our people are what make us unique. Our team is dedicated to creating quality experiences through quality game development. We value:

  • Engaging & innovating game mechanics

  • Enchanting custom art (human-made)

  • Independently developed & published projects

Donivian Avin DeMar

Founder / Lead Developer & Designer

Donivian has been creating games his whole life, from tabletop to video games. He created "Through Fire with Iron" and co-created "From Mortals to gods" as well as many other games coming soon. When he was a kid his grandfather developed a board game of forming puns - so you might say that tabletop development is in his blood. He's also been running businesses for over 15 years and his approach to all of this is one of innovation and creativity. He's very passionate about creating things that people will thoroughly enjoy while reveling at the intricate detail, and he is extremely excited to be continuing the family business of publishing tabletop games.

Adam Renner

Founder / Developer & Designer

Adam is a long-time and avid gamer of all types and genres, from board and table top, to card and video, from fantasy to scifi, with action, comedy, or mystery. Born in Everett Washington, he is co-founder of Crow Brain Games, and is co-creator of "From Mortals to gods" as well as developer for "Through Fire with Iron". He is also currently helping to create many more games that he hopes are fun, interesting, and entertaining for you and your family!

jasmine COvey

Production Manager

Jasmine has a passion for creating and bringing projects to light. As a career she has worked in managing project changes over the past 10+ years and brings those skills to help effectively organize the Crow Brain Games launches. She adores playing games and outside of Crow Brain Games a few of her favorites are Wits & Wagers, Wingspan, and Photosynthesis. Jasmine is also passionate about mindfulness and teaches meditation/Qi Gong as well as serves on the Board of Space Between, an organization dedicated to facilitating transformation through sharing mindfulness practices in schools. She's also an avid traveler, dancer, and hot chocolate connoisseur.

Dan FeldMeier A.K.a. Smorknim

Artist / Developer & Designer

Dan Feldmeier is a long time artist and graphic designer. He’s been creating his entire life and in the last 8 years, he’s colored and created trade dress for almost 300 covers for Marat Mychael’s “Do You Pooh” and Brian Pulido’s “Lady Death” comic books, and was the co-creator of the simple yet fantastic role-playing game S3RPG (the Super, Super, Simple Role-playing Game). In addition to S3RPG, Dan is also the creator of “The Living Maze”, a single player, rogue-lite, dungeon delving, card game, and co-creator of “Pirats of the High Seas”, a trick taking party game for up to 6 people.