Through Fire with Iron

By Crow Brain Games

A community-draft, equipment-management, & battle system card game. Pack your bags and grab your gear, readying yourself for the battles ahead.

Draft your equipment from a community deck and manage your characters equipment to create a specialized fighter that can utilize their gear most effectively.

Steel your hearts and minds in the forge of battle, and remember that steel can only be made when one passes Through Fire with Iron.


You embark on a journey with the tools handed down by your ancestors and their ringing lesson in your ear to always be prepared by equipping yourself appropriately for the road ahead. In this dangerous world, you are tasked with becoming a powerful adventurer and learning the skills need to properly manage and utilize your inventory.

Throughout your journeys you have learned that nothing is more useful than having the right equipment at the right time. Now no matter where you travel, you can have all the gear you could need at your fingertips - so long as you are lucky enough to draw what you need and skilled enough to manage your inventory.


Through Fire with Iron is a standalone equipment management and battle system that pits your stat management prowess against your friends and tests if you have the strategic steel to outwit them in battle.

Draw cards from a community deck, equip items in the appropriate slots on your characters, rearrange equipment amongst your team as you draw better gear, and build a powerful team of adventurers that are strong, and clever, enough to best their foes.

Utilize your actions wisely to acquire better gear or make more powerful actions that ultimately lead to your victory.