The Living Maze

A single player, rogue-lite, dungeon crawling, adventure card game.

As you traverse the halls of the Living Maze, you will find the walls and doors to be ever changing. A room previously entered with no way out will have an exit the next time you return. A dead end hall will suddenly become connected to a room, floor tiles subtly change shape, walls shift in color from a light mauve to a dark salmon. Wandering the corridors you’ll realize this strange maze indeed lives up to it’s name; it truly is living...

Created by Dan Feldmeier


After much deliberation and piles of paperwork, you were able to finally purchase yourself some land with many acres for a suspiciously good price. All seemed well as the land included such sites as "The Golden Hill of Greener Pastures", "The Happy Barn of Hallucinatory Hay", and something else.

However, upon further inspection of the fine print you noticed even finer print, you are also not only the "proud" owner of "The Living Maze", but you also have very limited time to defeat the ancient evil that lurks within!

What does this mean for you? Well, it means you've been assigned the task of attempting to stop the ancient evil that lurks within before time runs out.

Since you're just a simple land owner, you decided the best bet to is hire a party to search the maze and discover the secrets found within the ever-changing halls.


As the player, the number of adventurers you have are represented by ten-sided dice (d10) while a standee represents your location in the dungeon. Your dice pool determines your adventurers health and attack skill, meaning the more dice you have the more people in your party and thus your party has more health and a greater attack skill.

The basics of playing: shuffle the room cards (which include halls, rooms, monsters, bosses, and traps) and draw a card. Your standee enters that room and resolves any actions needed (fighting or disarming/bypassing a trap). Next, draw a card for the Final Boss, attempting to create the shortest path to the Entrance card; the boss does not begin moving until a path has been created from the Final Boss to the Entrance. This continues until you have defeated the Final Boss, you've been defeated by monsters/bosses, lost your dice to traps, or you choose to leave the maze; however, if you are ever defeated by the Final Boss you lose the game or if you don't defeat him in a limited amount of time.

The Living Maze -  Gameplay
The Living Maze -  Gameplay
The Living Maze - Final Protoype
The Living Maze - Final Protoype